They love me, surely

It’s that time of the year again, isn’t it?That time when the fragrance of roses,Hangs heavy in the air and in my heart,That time when the confectioners,Are busy raking in the year’s profits,That time when half broken promises of love,Are made to last forever in a day,That time of the year and I’m NOT alone, […]

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Of Prototypes and Standards

Stats portray us to be the laziest generation,And this couldn’t be further off from the truth,We get our fair share of exercise,I would say, we get more exercise than most,Jumping to conclusions counts as exercise, doesn’t it?So does enforcing our bigoted and prejudiced notions?I’m sure passing judgements definitely strains the muscles,The two brain cells that […]

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Judith Shakespeare

Judith Shakespeare’s at it again,She was caught dreaming,When she ought to be cleaning,Their poor father’s had enough,And her mother, I heard, fainted again!Seriously, the nerve of that lass,Poor old Will, slaving away in London,Trying to make his family an honest buck,And himself a name,I have heard the King’s impressed, blimey!And look at Judith, verses on […]

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Born Wild, Hunted Free

She tried to protect them, but she couldn’t. She tried to warn them, but she couldn’t. She was the only one left. Left to protect nothing. Her cubs were gone. Taken away by humanity’s cruel need for entertainment. The leader was dead. Shot and claimed as a trophy. The food was diminishing. Whatever was left […]

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The Millenials

The Millenials. Sounds like the title of an uber cool sitcom or a movie, doesn’t it. One that will show our #life and the culture of hedonistic pleasure. It is customary for us to believe that we are perhaps the only generation who have spawned the many words now included in the Oxford Dictionary that […]

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